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    1. Do I have to make a reconfirmation? 我還要再確認嗎?


    2. Is there any earlier one?還有更早一點的嗎?


    3 .Could you tell me my reservation number, please?請你告訴我我的預訂號碼好嗎? 


    4 .Can  I get a seat for todays 7:00 a.m. train? 我可以買到今天上午7點的火車座位嗎?


    5 .Could you change my flight date from London to Tokyo? 請你更改一下從倫敦到東京的班機日期好嗎?  


    6 .Is there any discount for the USA Railpass?火車通行證有折扣嗎?


    7 .May I reconfirm my flight?我可以確認我的班機嗎?


    8 .Are they all non-reserved seats?他們全部不預訂的嗎?


    9 .Do I have to reserve a seat?我一定要預訂座位嗎?


    10. May I see a timetable?我可以看時刻表嗎?


    11 .How long will I have to wait? 我要等多久呢?


    12 .Which would you prefer, a smoking seat or a non-smoking seat?你喜歡哪種,吸煙座還是禁煙座呢?


    13.Do you have any other flights? 還有其他航班嗎?


    14.When would you like to leave? 您想什么時候啟程?


    15.Can I reconfirm by phone?我能電話確認嗎?


    16.Where can I make a reservation?我到哪里可以預訂?


    17. Do I need a reservation for the dining car?我需要預訂餐車嗎?


    18. How many more minutes will it take for the train to arrive?火車還要多少分鐘就要到達呢?


    19 .Is this a daily flight?這是每日航班嗎?


    20. Excuse me. May I get by?對不起,我可以上車嗎?


    21. How much does it cost to go there by ship?坐船到那里要花多少錢?


    22 .Can I cancel this ticket? 我可以取消這票嗎?


    23. Check it to my final destination把它托運到我的目的地。


    24. Please come to the airport by eight thirty at the latest.最遲要在8點30分到達機場。


    25. Take your baggage to the baggage section. 把你的行李拿到行李房去。


    26. Please open your baggage.請把你行李打開。


    27. Please fill in this disembarkation card. 請你填寫這張入境卡。


    28. Let me see your passport, please. 請讓我看一下護照。


    29. I have come to make sure that your stay in Beijing is a pleasant one. 我特地為你們安排使你們在北京的逗留愉快。


    30. You’re going out of your way for us, I believe. 我相信這是對我們的特殊照顧了。


    31. Its just the matter of the schedule, that is, if it is convenient of you right now. 如果你們感到方便的話,我想現在討論一下日程安排的問題。


    32. I think we can draw up a tentative plan now.我認為現在可以先草擬一具臨時方案。


    33. If he wants to make any changes, minor alternations can be made then.如果他有什么意見,我們還可以對計劃稍加修改。


    34. Is there any way of ensuring well have enough time for our talks? 我們是否能保證有充足的時間來談判?


    35. So our evenings will be quite full then?那么我們的活動在晚上也安排滿了嗎?


    36. We’ll leave some evenings free, that is, if it is all right with you. 如果你們愿意,我們想留幾晚供你們自由支配。


    37. Wed have to compare notes on what weve discussed during the day. 我們想用點時間來研究討論一下白天談判的情況。


    38. That’ll put us both in the picture.這樣雙方都能了解全面的情況。


    39. Then wed have some idea of what youll be needing.那我們會心中有數,知道你們需要什么了。


    40. I cant say for certain off-hand.我還不能馬上說定。


    41. Better have something we can get our hands on rather than just spend all our time talking. 有些實際材料拿到手總比坐著閑聊強。


    42 .It’ll be easier for us to get down to facts then.這樣就容易進行實質性的談判了。


    43. But wouldn’t you like to spend an extra day or two here?你們不愿意在北京多待一天嗎?


    44. I’m afraid that wont be possible, much as we’d like to. 盡管我們很想這樣做,但恐怕不行了。


    45. We’ve got to report back to the head office.我們還要回去向總部匯報情況呢。


    46. Thank you for you cooperation. 感謝您的合作。


    47 .We’ve arranged our schedule without any trouble.我們已經很順利地把活動日程安排好了。


    48. Here is a copy of itinerary we have worked out for you and your friends. Would you please have a look at it? 這是我們為你和你的朋友擬定的活動日程安排。請過目一下,好嗎?


    49.If you have any questions on the details, feel free to ask.如果對某些細節有意見的話,請提出來。


    50. I can see you have put a lot of time into it.我相信你在制定這個計劃上一定花了不少精力吧。