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    1.Better luck next time. 下次會更好!
    The expression is used to comfort someone for a minor failure. 對于同事犯的一些小錯誤,可以用Better luck next time. 這句來鼓勵一下,祝他們下次好運。
    Bill: Sorry, I made a mistake.不好意思,我犯了個錯誤。
    Mary: Well. Better luck next time. 下次會有好運的。
    2. I couldn’t reach him! 我聯絡不上他。
    Do you know where I can reach him? 你知道我在哪兒能跟他聯系上嗎?
    3. That’s a touchy issue!  這是個辣手的問題!
    If something is touchy, it may upset or offend people and should therefore be dealt with carefully.  棘手的,需要小心處理的
    Peter, I’ll try all means to handle the complaint. But you know that’s a touchy issue. 彼得,我會想盡辦法來處理這個投訴。但是你知道這是個棘手的事情。
    4.Please come to the point! 有話請直說。
    point就是“重點、要點”的意思。come to the point語氣有點強硬,如果還想加強效果的話,還可以加上straight。
    I'll come straight to the point: we need more money. 我就直說吧:我們還需要錢。
    I wish he would get to the point. 但愿他快點說正題。
    類似的,還有一個get down to business, 表示“切入主題,切入正題”。
    All right, every one. Let's get down to business. There has been enough chitchat. 好了。讓我們進入正題吧。已經閑聊很多了。
    5.I’m spaced-out. 我很恍惚。
    Someone who is spaced-out feels as if nothing around them is real, usually because they have taken drugs or because they are very tired.  spaced-out就是"精神恍惚,魂不守舍"的意思。通常是因為過度疲勞或者因嗑藥所致。
    I was too tired to concentrate on his speech. Actually I am spaced-out all day. 我太累了以致于不能集中于他的講話。事實上,我一天都神魂顛倒的。
    6. Before we turn to that issue, I wish to make a few comments/remarks on your presentation.  在談那個問題之前,我想對您剛才講的話談點看法。
    7.I wish to benefit from your views on this matter. What is your view on this matter? 我希望能從你對此事的一些看法得到一些啟發。你對此事怎么看?
    8. I will pick up where we left off just now.  我想接著剛才的問題講下去。
    9. Sorry for the interruption but I’d like to remind you it’s time for the meeting. 抱歉打擾您,但我想提醒你,會議時間到了。
    10. I’ve heard so much about you. 久仰。