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    英語語法 | take的常見用法與搭配

    發布時間:2017-12-19 11:49:05作者:春喜外語來源:www.amjadzrana.com瀏覽量:


    Take ,作為生活英語高頻動詞,用法那是五花八門,今天小編就要來分享take的常用搭配! 一起來默念!




    take off


    A helicopter is able to take off and land straight up or down.


    He took off his wet shoes.
    Who took the knob off the door?


    When his wife was sick he took off from work.

    ?(指觀念、產品) 大受歡迎;(事業)突然發達,成功

    The new type of cell phones has really taken off.
    His business began to take off when he was in his forties.


    take down



    He reached up to the third shelf of the bookcase and took down a dictionary.


    He read out the names and his secretary took them down.


    take in


    ?接受 (房客,客人等);收留 

    The farmers took in the lost travelers for the night.


    The boys could not take in his meaning.


    The study of physics takes in many different subjects.


    We were completely taken in by her story.


    take on


    After his father died, Bill took on the management of the factory.


    Is the supermarket taking on any more assis- tant?


    The city has taken on a new look.


    take up


    So many young men want to take up writing.


    Then she took up the task of getting the breakfast.
    He dropped medicine and took up physics.

    ? 占去 (時間或空間) 

    The meeting took up the whole morning.
    The table takes up too much room.

    I'd like to take up your offer of a ride into town.